Inbound Marketing

Steps to take in inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the most effective way of marketing your business online. Instead of going out and finding your potential customers, with inbound you attract those people to you.

The key is to ensure your website is found for the right phrases, the ones that bring the right people to your website.



How to attract the right traffic with Inbound Marketing?

There is no point in having thousands of visitors coming to your website if none of them are your target market, the key is identifying who you are trying to reach, the things they are interested in, providing the information they are seeking and then converting them into a customer.

Let’s take each of these in turn.

Who is your target market?

Any business should have a clear understanding of who their customer is, what are the key characteristics? Build up a picture of who they are so that you can start to gain an insight into the kinds of areas that they want to know more about.

You should have a few different types of customer and an outline of each one to enable you to get the best results with inbound marketing.

What are they looking for?

Start internally but finding out the things that you are most asked by your existing and prospective customers. What frequent questions do you get asked, what is it about your product or service that solves your customers’ problem? It’s important to spend time understanding this, time spent here will ensure you don’t waste money once the work gets going.

Do some online research, find out what key phrases are being searched for most to see if this lines up with some of the hands on research you have already done. Inbound marketing is about attraction and the way to do that is to understand how to attract your target audience in the first please. You can only achieve that in you know what they are looking for in the first place.

Create the right content for inbound marketing to work

Attract customers with inbound marketingNext is about content creation, putting together your content based on the research that has been done. Content can be a blog post, white paper, e-book, video, images, some kind of template download. It’s NOT a sales pitch.

When someone first visits your website they are not interested in hearing how fantastic you are, they want to know if you you can solve their problem, at this stage they may well be conducting their own research. This is why it’s important to keep adding new content, you need to gain someone’s interest and build up trust before they will even contemplate making a purchase. The more expensive the purchase, the longer the buying decision is likely to take, so you need to court your prospects online in the same way you would traditionally.

Share your content

Initially no one will really know who you are so you need to share the content you have created through social media channels. Building up an engaged audience will not only attract the right inbound visitors to your website, but it will help you gain trust and be seen as an industry expert. By gaining a good following on social media you can help to transform that audience of listeners into promoters, i.e. they will happily share your content with their connections because they believe it is of value.

Monitor and repeat for inbound marketing success

The process doesn’t really end; you don’t stop creating content or understanding your target market. Inbound marketing is an ongoing process BUT it’s impact does increase exponentially and it can help you continually increase the number of quality leads coming into your business.

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