Is SEO Dead?

As long as there are search engines there will always be SEO in some form or other, the traditional formulaic SEO is long gone however. The big difference with SEO is that it moves and changes so quickly.

It used to be a fairly scientific process, follow a formula and you can pretty much be certain that you will get results and that worked for a time until the search engines changed their algorithm, mainly because the search results were full of rubbish results. Do you remember clicking on website link in the number one spot, only to find out that the webpage it took you to have absolutely no relevance to what you were actually searching for?

So Google gave keyword stuffing a bashing, but there were still tricks that could get you results quickly. Link building became the name of the game and it wasn’t necessarily too important where the links came from, as long as you had lots of them you would see your website rise in the ranking results. These links generally came from directories, press releases, blog pages or other websites.

But what you then ended up with were those sites that had lots of links rather than those best matched to someone’s search query.

This is a very simplified version of what has happened within search of course, but it does give you an idea of the changes that have taken place.

When you think about the fact that all a search engine is trying to do is give users the closest and most valuable match to what the have typed in to the search box you can then see how content has become more and more important. The other thing that has changed over time is the way that people search. We are far more descriptive and specific when searching and so the days of measuring 10 keyword positions are long gone.

Today it is all about providing a great user experience, good quality content that is shared socially and a website that is technically competent of delivering those things. Those are the things that we very much focus on for our clients. At the core of everything we do is good quality, unique, value-adding content in all of its many forms.