Site Analysis

The pursuit of excellence is a daily quest with the goal-posts constantly changing and moving. What was excellent yesterday needs to improve in order to still be excellent tomorrow

This could not be more relevant than in the world of website marketing. A fabulous all singing all dancing website which is at the top of Google page 1 won’t stay there for very long without constant analysis and adjustments.

We don’t just create a web campaign and leave you to it – we will constantly report, tweak and adjust your campaigns in order to continually improve their performance, ensuring that our clients get the best results possible.

Campaign Analysis – setting up a lucrative marketing campaign is only half the story. In order to really know whether any campaign is working to capacity it needs constant analysis and tweaking. With constant site analysis we can determine which strategies are working providing the best ROI and which need to be adjusted for the maximum efficiency. It’s all about getting the best results for your budget.

Website Review – every website needs to be constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that it is doing the best job possible. Parameters change quickly and the most successful websites must keep one step ahead of the updates. We don’t believe in constantly trying to catch up with the changes, we work hard to keep up to date with all industry developments and strategies which enable us to keep your website stay one step ahead of the competition.

Performance Analysis – even the most successful and profitable website can do better – there’s no such thing as the perfect performance. Performance analysis of a website can help to determine where the visitors are coming from, the most popular landing pages, which “calls to action” are doing the business, how long visitors stay on the website and the percentage of visitors returning to your website for a second visit. All of this information and more is vital when it comes to knowing where the majority of your business is coming from, which paid strategies are really paying their way and which areas or strategies need to be tweaked in order to make a difference.

We understand that many business owners are far too busy dealing with other important matters to constantly scrutinize, analyse and tweak their websites. It is a specialist area which needs our experience and knowledge to really read between the lines and recognize areas which need to be improved for the best overall success.

That’s where we come in – we can provide a constant site analysis service so that we know and report which areas of your web campaign are performing strongly and which “could do better”. It all points towards more success and sales for your business.