What do SEO Companies do?

What do SEO companies actually do


We get asked this question a lot “What exactly is it that you do for SEO?” and to be honest the answer can be a very long and complicated one.

We don’t really think of ourselves as an SEO company any more, mainly because what you need to succeed online encompasses so much more than that.


Anyhow, when people ask us this type of question we generally break it down into different areas:

  • The Basics – let the search engines know you exist, keep them informed and get indexed
  • Technical – make sure the website works properly for search engines and real people
  • Content – provide value on a consistent basis with words, blogs, video and images
  • Conversion – helping people make the decisions on your website that you want them to
  • Optimisation – optimising your website to improve your changes of ‘being found’
  • Citations – listing your business in relevant places across the internet to create trust
  • Creating links – how to effectively link within your own site and to external resources
  • Gaining Links – how to encourage others to link to you
  • Social – using social media to engage, share and generate leads
  • Paying for it – using Google Adwords, paid social ad’s and more
  • Email marketing – using email marketing to retain existing customers and gain new ones
  • E-commerce – how to market your shop, keep people in the checkout and upsell
  • Analytics – what you should be measuring and how to improve what you do

It’s quite a lot right!

This is why when we hear of so many companies being approached by someone promising the earth for £200 per month we get frustrated.

If you want to increase leads dramatically and grow your business then you need to think about what you are willing to invest to achieve that! You could invest  your own time and learn how to do this stuff yourself, or you can focus on the things you are good at and outsource it to the people that can do it for you (that’d be us!),

But the internet is free right? Yes some people can spend little or no money and make millions overnight, but those people are few and far between. SEO or Digital marketing takes time, effort and investment to achieve the results you want.

If you want to learn how to do it yourself you might want to start with Google Digital Garage who offer some free training and valuable resources.

If you’d rather focus on growing your business and looking after your customers, then why not sign up for a free no obligation call with one of our consultants, simply click here and one of us will be in touch!