Online Marketing

Online marketing services across Essex

Online marketing is basically marketing your business using the internet. It encompasses a range of techniques that work together in line with that business’ goals. For example, if you were looking to generate leads then the approach would be different than if a business was looking to increase brand awareness.

Organic Search Marketing

Search marketing is about making sure that those people looking for the services and products that you provide can find you in the organic search results.

It’s no longer quite as simple as choosing a few key phrases and ‘getting ranked’ for them. The search results that are displayed will differ from person to person. This is because search engines have an incredibly intelligent way of trying to serve up personalised results. Not only that, but the way in which we search has changed considerably over the years, we are more specific about what we are looking for. This means that you might find there are thousands and thousands of different key phrases used every day to look for the things that your company does.

This has lead to massive changes in the way we conduct SEO, with the emphasis being on user experience rather than keywords.

Paid advertising can either be advertising with the search engine itself such as Google Adwords, paying to have an advert displayed on a website or a network of relevant websites, or across mobile devices. This also includes social media platforms which can be a relatively inexpensive way of advertising (although that is likely to change).

Paid advertising or PPC campaigns ensure immediate traffic to your website, but beware, if you don’t setup and manage it properly it can cost a lost of money and gain you very little in return.

There are some things to look out for, such as negative keywords, being too broad in your exact match key phrases and ensuring you have a high quality score so that you pay less for each click. If you are looking at embarking on a PPC campaign with Google then we would definitely recommend working with a professional, it takes years of experience and knowledge to run a successful campaign.

We are bombarded with email, much of which we would consider to be spam and so email marketing has gotten a bit of a bad reputation in recent years.

We always recommend building up your email marketing list organically to ensure you are providing value to the right people. Getting someone to sign up to your email distribution list in the first place is the key, once you have them interested you want to keep him or her there. We will help you to generate an engaging campaign, manage your list, report on each email distribution and make any necessary amendments for the next one.

We do not advocate buying lists and sending mass email out to people.

These are just a few elements involved in online marketing, please browse the site to find out more, our blog is a useful source of information. Alternatively…..

If you want to find out more about online marketing and how it can help your business, then please do get in touch by calling 01279 647003 in the first instance.