Essex Web Design That Gets Results

Essex web designWe build website that get results, yes they look good, but more importantly that that they are designed to funnel those visitors through to becoming leads. We have been designing websites in Essex since 2008 and so use this experience to ensure we deliver the very best solution for you!

Designing a website has to take into account not only the needs of you and your potential customers, but it needs to satisfy the needs of the search engines too. We work with you to come up with a well designed website that maintains your brand image so that you can have a consistent message across all of your marketing activities. It needs to be instantly recognisable as your company so that your existing customers know that they have come to the right place.

Why work with TU Marketing

Because we are first and foremost a digital marketing agency, we won’t compromise results for the sake of a pretty website. Yes it needs to look good, that goes without saying, but for the vast majority of companies they are looking to the internet to provide them with leads or sales. Because we understand what’s important from the perspective of both potential customers and search engines, we can ensure that your website design is well balanced between the two.

The Process of Web Design

We start by understanding your business first so that we can structure your site in a way that means your most important information is given prominence from a design point of view. You can’t do one without the other and this is where choosing a template and trying to make your business fit can cause constraints and can be potentially damaging to your overall objectives.

When we work with you we will ask for copies of any existing marketing material, your logo and some examples of websites that you like the look and feel of. This helps us understand more about your preferences as well as really getting a good feel for your brand image.

We take all of this information and come up with a couple of concepts, these are basically pictures of what your website could look like. This is discussed with you and any amendments made prior to sign-off. Then finally we build the site, firstly on a development server so that we can gradually add pages of content and images, add in any functionality that is required and get the site to a stage where it is ready to go live.

Then the work really starts!

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