About TU Marketing

We are a small, friendly but professional Digital Marketing Agency with an emphasis on lead generation for our clients. We work with businesses in all kinds of industries, everything from Manufacturing to Retail. We tend to manage everything to do with online for our clients, which means they have one port of call, but more than that it allows for a seamless campaign with all elements working together.

Each of our team members receives ongoing training and while everyone has their own specialism it’s important to us that everyone understands Digital Marketing as a whole. This allows our team members to see how everything fits together.

We are based on the Herts and Essex border, but work with clients all over the UK. So wherever you are, we can definitely help. We work hard to ensure we maintain regular contact with all of our clients to keep you up to date with your own campaigns as well as finding out what is happening in your business and industry. The better the understanding we have, the better we can service our clients.

How does a Digital Marketing Campaign work?

By campaign, we simply mean your online marketing. We manage your web properties, so that’s everything from your website, social accounts, local listings, paid advertising campaigns, citations, directory listings and so on.

Digital Marketing has changed considerably over the years and we should know, we’ve been in the industry since 2007!

We aren’t interested in promising the earth for ¬£50 a month, no doubt you receive hundreds of emails telling you that x company can “get you to number 1 in Google” for very little in return. You are probably sick of receiving unsolicited phone calls from companies trying to tie you into contracts. Well we don’t do that, we want to get you results and that takes investment both in time and financially.

Our whole ethos is structured around providing a professional service, we don’t tie you into a contract and we certainly don’t make any promises that we cannot keep. Our customers work with us year on year, they see us as an extension of their own business. We just happen to be the Digital Marketing Department. We take away the pain and hassle of managing their online properties so that they can get back to doing what they are good at – running their business.

If you are looking for a quick win, a ‘cheap’ solution that doesn’t deliver results, then we aren’t the right Agency for you.

If you are looking to build a solid relationship with an Agency that gets to understand your goals and implements a strategy to achieve those goals, then we are absolutely the right people for you. In fact, if that’s you then pick up the phone right now and call us on 01279 647003.

SEO and how we can help


SEO has a pretty bad reputation and the truth is that there are no quick wins any more. I think part of the reason people are nervous about engaging in search marketing is because so many people have tried before it and it just hasn’t worked. Getting a website ranked highly for the right key phrases takes hard work and time. Just think about all the other websites out there that are competing against yours. Why should Google show your website above all of the others?

Everything we do is focused on reaching your goals, for most that will mean lead generation. How do you make sure your website is found? How to you turn visitors to your website into leads? These are the things that we can helps with. Yes we can create a nice looking website, one that works on mobile devices, one that has lots of whizzy features. All that is great, but if it doesn’t bring you those leads that you are after, what’s the point? That fabulous website becomes a cost rather than an investment.

If you are nervous about SEO or working with ‘yet another’ digital marketing agency then why not just pick up the phone or send an email to hello@tumarketing.co.uk Let us know what your concerns are or any questions that you may have. We are a friendly bunch and really aren’t interested in trying to hard sell anything. All you will get is honest and straightforward advice!

Thank you for reading

Claire Taylor (Co-Founder)